What to Expect

Well, to be perfectly frank, I myself am not entirely sure what the composition of this blog will be from day to day, week to week, or where it may take me in the future. What I do know is that, I would like to invite the whole lot of you to enjoy with me, my first year living on my own for grown up reasons such as, I’m twenty-five, engaged and mostly because I desperately needed my own kitchen! I currently rent a small farm house in Warwick, NY on an active grass-fed farm known as Lowland Farm. The farming community is rich here and so is my appetite to explore cuisine, culture and my capacity for adapting to living on my own and the firsts that come along with individual self-discovery.

And so, though many uncertainties lie ahead for me this upcoming year, my promise to you here is that, at My Hudson Valley Blog you will find me, Jessica England, my culture, my cuisine and my first-person encounters, questions, perspectives and ideas. I hope you will stick around to see things through.